How did Australia handle Covid

A brief overview on handling the covid suitation

Phase 1
1 Curfew for 8 pm to 6 am
2. Supermarkets/Groceries open to Seniors from 7am to 10am
3. Mask mandate, any mask (preferred P2 or n95) People who did not wear, was give one on the spot by police to where or if there not willing to were was given fine.
4. Every shop had a QR Code system or Manual entry system for contract tracking.
5. Wedding and Deaths restrict number of people attending.

Gov Side of things.
1. Contract Tracking Task force, was used to check if users was isolating at home for 14 days min.
2. They also contacted to check on the person health.

Due to this, public was able to survive and also but Groceries from shop and live and the duration until cases dropped.

Business Running during Covid
If a person has to go for work, he was allowed as long as the person goes online and fills a form stating from and to location and reason for travelling, with sign from employee.

There was 3 reasons only a person can leave during this phase.
1. for buying Groceries.
2. for emergency
3. for work (if really cannot work from home)

During this time your not allowed to meet any other people or family members.

Phase 2.

Gradual reopening of businesses

Business could only allow X number of people, with regards of the 1.5 meter distance between people.
Business was fined in case they don’t follow rules and don’t have a QR code system.
Restaurants are opened for takeaway only.
During this time your allowed to meet any other people or family members. Max 2 people.

Phase 3
Is a little more relaxing of the rules.
No Curfew

Phase 4
Complete rules relax as covid cases is 0