What is WIFT App System

WIFT QR Code System is used to collect visitor information and also allowing visitors to become your business members at the same time.
Once the QR Code is scanned the visitors are displayed business page with details of the business.

WIFT App also provide tools such as Email and SMS Message sending to market to your customers.

Steps to set up WIFT QR Code System

Sign up & Lift Off

Start by registering your account. Once you register your account you can created your business


Create Business

You can create one or more business. Please fill all the business information like operating hours, photos, gallery and other details for your business page.

Print QR Code

Your QR code will also be generated. Kindly print and place on the front of the entrance.


Your Business Dashboard will give you full access to your visitors and members. You will also have access to marketing tools to send Marketing SMS and Email Messages